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UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V

We ordered the flat cable ul2651 last month, and just received and made the assembly. The quality is good. WCH Cable is the Best.

—— Michelle from Canada

We just received the shipment of spiral cable fr wch company. The cable surface looks nice and comfortable, the spiral is flexible. Wonderful..

—— Mike from USA

Thanks to wch cable, thanks to wch customer service team, we received the best quality rubber cable.

—— Timmo from England

i should say, wch cable makes a lot of good quality cables.

—— Dave from Netherlands

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UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V

China UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V supplier
UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V supplier UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V supplier UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V supplier UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V supplier

Large Image :  UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Dongguan, China
Brand Name: WCH Cable
Certification: UL, CUL, CSA
Model Number: UL2517

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 610 meters
Price: USD 0.231 per meter
Packaging Details: 305 meters per reel
Delivery Time: 9 days for ready goods
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000000 meters per month
Detailed Product Description
Feature: High Quality Conductor: High Purity Copper Wire
Insulation: AWM Compliant Material Jacket: PVC / Polyvinyl Chloride
Temperature: 105 Deg C Voltage: 300V

UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V





Conductor: High purity copper wire, tinned or bare, stranded or solid.

Insulation: Quality materials complying with AWM standard.

Screen Shield: Foil, spiral shield, copper braiding, optional.

Jacket: PVC / Polyvinyl Chloride.




Standard: Appliance Wiring Material UL 758.

Rated Temperature: 105 deg C.

Rated Voltage: 300V.

Flammability: UL VW-1 passed.

Uniform insulation thickness for smooth stripping.

Other approvals: Cul, CSA / Canadian Standards Association.

Application: External wiring.


Parameters of UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V:


Style Number Cores Conductor Insulation Thickness Nominal Diameter Shield Coverage Jacket Thickness Overall Diameter Conductor Resistance
AWG mm mm mm % mm mm Ω/KM
UL2517 2C 30 7/0.100 0.41 1.1 >=65 0.76 4.4 381
28 7/0.127 0.41 1.2 >=65 0.76 4.5 239
26 7/0.16 0.43 1.3 >=65 0.76 4.8 150
24 11/0.16 0.41 1.4 >=65 0.76 5.0 94.2
22 17/0.16 0.43 1.6 >=65 0.76 5.4 59.4
20 21/0.178 0.41 1.8 >=65 0.76 5.8 36.7
18 34/0.178 0.41 2.1 >=65 0.76 6.4 23.2
16 26/0.25 0.41 2.4 >=65 0.76 7.0 14.6
UL2517 3C 30 7/0.100 0.41 1.1 >=65 0.76 4.6 381
28 7/0.127 0.41 1.2 >=65 0.76 4.8 239
26 7/0.16 0.41 1.3 >=65 0.76 5.0 150
24 11/0.16 0.43 1.4 >=65 0.76 5.2 94.2
22 17/0.16 0.41 1.6 >=65 0.76 5.6 59.4
20 21/0.178 0.41 1.8 >=65 0.76 6.0 36.7
18 34/0.178 0.41 2.1 >=65 0.76 6.7 23.2
UL2517 4C 30 7/0.100 0.41 1.1 >=65 0.76 4.8 381
28 7/0.127 0.41 1.2 >=65 0.76 5.0 239
26 7/0.16 0.41 1.3 >=65 0.76 5.3 150
24 11/0.16 0.41 1.4 >=65 0.76 5.6 94.2
22 17/0.16 0.41 1.6 >=65 0.76 6.0 59.4
20 21/0.178 0.41 1.8 >=65 0.76 6.5 36.7
UL2517 5C 30 7/0.100 0.41 1.1 >=65 0.76 5.2 381
28 7/0.127 0.41 1.2 >=65 0.76 5.4 239
26 7/0.16 0.41 1.3 >=65 0.76 5.7 150
24 11/0.16 0.41 1.4 >=65 0.76 6.0 94.2
22 17/0.16 0.41 1.6 >=65 0.76 6.5 59.4
UL2517 6C 30 7/0.100 0.41 1.1 >=65 0.76 5.5 381
28 7/0.127 0.41 1.2 >=65 0.76 5.8 239
26 7/0.16 0.41 1.3 >=65 0.76 6.0 150
24 11/0.16 0.41 1.4 >=65 0.76 6.4 94.2



Advantage of manufacturer of UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V:


(1) All cables and wires use top high purity copper wire as conductors.

(2) All cables and wires are guaranteed 100% RoHS compliant.

(3) We manage all manufacturing procedures from copper drawing to jacket extrusion in our own production workshop.


Manufacturer introduction:


WCH Cable (WCH Cable Industrial Co., Ltd) is engaged in field of cable and wire manufacturing. WCH Cable is the cable manufacturer since the year 1997. WCH Cable makes many cables and wires, including Hook-up wire, Flat ribbon cable, Flexible cord, Communication cable, Spring cable, Automotive wire, etc.


For many years experience, WCH Cable has created himself the great position of advantage in the market. As one of the leading manufacturers in China, WCH Cable are focused on cables and wires approved by Underwriter Laboratories (UL). Up to now, WCH Cable owns over 600 UL Cable approval style numbers. Apart from this, WCH Cable also wins the approval of CSA, CUL, VDE, CCC as well.


WCH Cable guarantees the good quality. WCH Cable production lines manufacture cables and wires with oxygen-free pure copper conductors only, of which the purity is up to 99.997%. Higher copper conductor purity makes the cables and wires with perfect electrical conductivity, wonderful processing performance, good corrosion resistance and so on.


WCH Cable integrates business worldwidely with providing the competitive advantage of safe, cost effective, and innovative products. WCH Cable products are applied widely for all major industries including government, military, automotive, aerospace, telecommunication and electronic appliances.


UL approval style numbers from WCH Cable Industrial Co., Ltd.:


UL1007, UL1013, UL1015, UL1028, UL1056, UL1061, UL1095, UL1120, UL1185, UL1226, UL1227, UL1330, UL1331, UL1332, UL1333, UL1347, UL1371, UL1429, UL1430, UL1431, UL1500, UL1505, UL1533, UL1534, UL1538, UL1569, UL1571, UL1577, UL1581, UL1589, UL1591, UL1592, UL1617, UL1618, UL1672, UL1673, UL1674, UL1685, UL1698, UL1716, UL1723, UL1764, UL1790, UL1845, UL1876, UL1886, UL1887, UL1900, UL1901, UL1914, UL1983, UL10045, UL10048, UL10050, UL10057, UL10060, UL10064, UL10066, UL10072, UL10102, UL10106, UL10149, UL10156, UL10187, UL10189, UL10192, UL10193, UL10248, UL10296, UL10311, UL10322, UL10330, UL10331, UL10339, UL10345, UL10367, UL10368, UL10369, UL10387, UL10411, UL10426, UL10428, UL10439, UL10444, UL10446, UL10456, UL10463, UL10521, UL10522, UL10530, UL10545, UL10553, UL10556, UL10586, UL10587, UL10593, UL10602, UL10643, UL10644, UL10645, UL10646, UL10651, UL10666, UL10694, UL10699, UL10720, UL10729, UL10730, UL10732, UL10733, UL10734, UL10737, UL10774, UL10775, UL10785, UL10795, UL10796, UL10800, UL10838, UL10839, UL10840, UL10841, UL10842, UL10843, UL10844, UL10845, UL10846, UL10847, UL10848, UL10849, UL10850, UL10851, UL10852, UL10853, UL10854, UL10855, UL10856, UL10857, UL10858, UL10922, UL10946, UL10947, UL10949, UL10950, UL10952, UL10953, UL10972, UL10981, UL10982, UL10983, UL10984, UL10985, UL10986, UL10987, UL10993, UL11025, UL11026, UL11027, UL11028, UL11029, UL11030, UL11034, UL11035, UL11107, UL11108, UL11118, UL11143, UL11144, UL11150, UL11164, UL11165, UL11166, UL11167, UL11179, UL11213, UL11217, UL11238, UL11282, UL11283, UL11284, UL11285, UL11286, UL11327, UL11328, UL2092, UL2095, UL2096, UL2405, UL2464, UL2468, UL2516, UL2517, UL2547, UL2562, UL2576, UL2592, UL2614, UL2651, UL2655, UL2661, UL2662, UL2678, UL2725, UL2733, UL2785, UL2789, UL2835, UL2838, UL2841, UL2844, UL2845, UL2851, UL2854, UL2919, UL2951, UL2969, UL2990, UL20050, UL20057, UL20080, UL20084, UL20095, UL20137, UL20139, UL20152, UL20197, UL20200, UL20233, UL20234, UL20235, UL20236, UL20254, UL20255, UL20256, UL20276, UL20279, UL20280, UL20281, UL20292, UL20308, UL20317, UL20318, UL20327, UL20328, UL20329, UL20330, UL20346, UL20350, UL20351, UL20352, UL20353, UL20358, UL20368, UL20369, UL20379, UL20387, UL20390, UL20410, UL20411, UL20413, UL20417, UL20445, UL20475, UL20512, UL20549, UL20554, UL20558, UL20563, UL20567, UL20604, UL20617, UL20618, UL20625, UL20626, UL20640, UL20694, UL20698, UL20710, UL20724, UL20730, UL20733, UL20745, UL20806, UL20820, UL20841, UL20842, UL20843, UL20844, UL20850, UL20851, UL20854, UL20855, UL20862, UL20863, UL20866, UL20868, UL20886, UL20904, UL20911, UL20936, UL20937, UL20938, UL20939, UL20940, UL20948, UL20955, UL20963, UL20968, UL20978, UL20979, UL21002, UL21007, UL21016, UL21029, UL21030, UL21031, UL21032, UL21060, UL21064, UL21080, UL21088, UL21089, UL21099, UL21100, UL21101, UL21118, UL21119, UL21120, UL21126, UL21127, UL21139, UL21140, UL21142, UL21143, UL21144, UL21161, UL21165, UL21183, UL21184, UL21198, UL21223, UL21235, UL21238, UL21252, UL21253, UL21284, UL21285, UL21286, UL21287, UL21292, UL21293, UL21294, UL21296, UL21303, UL21304, UL21305, UL21306, UL21307, UL21308, UL21309, UL21310, UL21311, UL21313, UL21314, UL21315, UL21316, UL21317, UL21318, UL21319, UL21320, UL21322, UL21323, UL21324, UL21325, UL21326, UL21327, UL21328, UL21329, UL21330, UL21371, UL21381, UL21387, UL21388, UL21394, UL21408, UL21409, UL21411, UL21412, UL21414, UL21415, UL21445, UL21451, UL21452, UL21453, UL21454, UL21455, UL21456, UL21457, UL21458, UL21462, UL21466, UL21468, UL21469, UL21484, UL21498, UL21503, UL21509, UL21515, UL21516, UL21517, UL21518, UL21520, UL21556, UL21557, UL21565, UL21572, UL21573, UL21576, UL21632, UL21633, UL21686, UL21687, UL21697, UL21705, UL21707, UL21714, UL21715, UL3066, UL3068, UL3069, UL3070, UL3071, UL3074, UL3075, UL3098, UL3122, UL3123, UL3132, UL3133, UL3134, UL3135, UL3136, UL3138, UL3140, UL3141, UL3142, UL3167, UL3172, UL3173, UL3182, UL3194, UL3195, UL3196, UL3199, UL3236, UL3239, UL3265, UL3266, UL3270, UL3271, UL3288, UL3289, UL3290, UL3295, UL3297, UL3298, UL3300, UL3302, UL3312, UL3314, UL3315, UL3320, UL3321, UL3323, UL3331, UL3336, UL3342, UL3343, UL3344, UL3346, UL3350, UL3351, UL3352, UL3363, UL3364, UL3367, UL3384, UL3385, UL3386, UL3398, UL3415, UL3416, UL3417, UL3423, UL3424, UL3435, UL3436, UL3440, UL3443, UL3447, UL3448, UL3453, UL3454, UL3456, UL3463, UL3464, UL3466, UL3469, UL3470, UL3473, UL3485, UL3491, UL3492, UL3495, UL3505, UL3512, UL3529, UL3530, UL3564, UL3567, UL3569, UL3581, UL3589, UL3590, UL3596, UL3597, UL3598, UL3599, UL3610, UL3611, UL3619, UL3635, UL3647, UL3649, UL3652, UL3666, UL3766, UL3785, UL4384, UL4411, UL4412, UL4478





UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V


UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300VUL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V

UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V

UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V

UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V

UL2517 Flame Resistant PVC Cable 105C 300V

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